Welcome to Groundsman Association Denmark

Groundsman Association Denmark (GAD) was founded December 1., 2011. The association is unpolitical and interdisciplinary. The association aims to bring together all those interested in maintaining football fields and similar areas. Through focus on education and professional networking the association will strengthen the professional environment for groundsmen.

The Annual Meeting

Every year the association organizes a 3-day seminar which will be held in the 2nd week of the year. Here You have the possibility to meet likeminded people and gain new knowledge.

Field days

GAD organizes annual field days for members of the association and invited guests. A field day can be a visit to a sports facility / stadium where you can learn about the operation of the sports facility.  Field days will be announced on GAD’s website.


You can always send a message to GAD at kn@groundsman.dk and we will return to You as quickly as possible.